Tales From The Road....

What’s our why? Why choose Affinity Realty Group?

Home is a place where memories are made and dreams are imagined. You may think it is all about the hustle for us. Let’s get the next great deal done. Getting the deal done matters. Nothing moves ahead without the deal. Knowing all the details will be well-done to us, is a given. We strive to go above and beyond. We strive to make a human connection.

A few months ago, I was driving around showing homes. It was a busy early spring day. I got a notification for a showing. Oh no, I thought. This is the soon to be ex of a client I really like. I will say no. Reflecting, I thought, that isn’t right. He’s a person. He needs to buy a house. I need to be kind and show compassion.

We looked at the house, and another house, and another and another…on and on for many houses. He was detailed at every house - even ones that were never an option. I always smiled, had empathy and said we’ll find the right house. The truth is, he really he didn’t want to buy a house. He didn’t want a divorce. He wanted the life he HAD. I understood. I get it. We spent weeks going from house to house. Empathy required. Finally I said, “You need to buy a house. You are going to move on, like it or not. You will thrive and be happy again. It’s time to re-invent your life." This sad faced person finally said, OK. This is the house. He is in that house now and excited. Life looks promising.

Each of us has a story, a dream. Sometimes it's realizing a vision. Sometimes it is avoiding severe financial outcomes. My why is about people. It’s about their lives, their hopes and dreams.

Your home is where your life happens. It is where families gather, friends laugh, and dogs cuddle. Tonight’s salad grew in your backyard garden. It’s about spending time together and making memories. Those experiences create added value in life.

We listen to your needs, your stories. Make those memories and experiences.

So what is your story? Tell me. I am waiting to hear, to listen. We will help you create new stories. Let’s start today.

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