Tales from the road....happy ending to stay at home!

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

A few years ago, I moved into my current home. Relocating, downsizing, empty nest, fresh start, transition....they all apply.

Open to new adventures and new friends, I got to know several of my neighbors. One had a lot in common with me, a few years older, and we nonetheless had an immediate rapport. She had been in a few relationships (translate: marriages), raised children, cared for elderly parents, and had a successful career. She was currently living in her home with a long term companion, for about the last 10 years. She told me they chose not to marry. They shared family and travel adventures, interests and

the good things in life.

Over the stay-at-home time, my neighbor who I'll call Meg, always checks on me. We took socially distant walks, caught up, and continued to grow our friendship and share experiences about our lives and our children. She shared my joy as I watched my son get his BA and MA virtually and plan for his next steps. Meg empathized with my joys and and trials always offering support and kind words.

Yesterday I was already out for a run and I got a text from her asking if I wanted to walk. I said, "Sure. I'll head back to meet you."

Meg looked particularly happy on this warm, sunny Colorado day. She said, "I have some news." Hearing this in a pandemic filled me with worry. Then she smiled from ear to ear and said, "We got married yesterday!"

I jumped up and down with joy and anxiously listened to her story. This was actually a grand, yet secret plan. They zoomed to share this private ceremony with loved ones and close friends. The impact of recent events, the finite nature of life and the truth in plain and simple words, you only live once resonates. What do you want to do with this life you have? With whom do you want to spend time ? Where do you want to be? What does this life look like now?

It has been a particularly challenging week. The lesson is joy is all around us and life is there to live. Don't wait, don't think someday I am going to....

Do it. Do it today.

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